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After several years of preparation, makeup artist Nathalie Berzelius is now launching a new brand: Nathalie Berzelius Stockholm.

Celebrity makeup artist Nathalie Berzelius has over 25 years of experience in the business. She has had the privilege of working with "ordinary" women as well as TV stars, top models and world celebrities. She is especially well known for creating amazing "red carpet looks" for her celebrity clients and has been called "the queen of glow".

Over the years, she has received the same recurring questions from her customers: What products have you used on me? Where can I buy them? How do I apply them? How did you make me so beautiful, how did you do it? Please teach me!

Nathalie has for many hears largely used her own compositions of makeup when working, and after many years of pressure from Nathalie's customers the idea of releasing her very own beauty brand was slowly born. She shared these thoughts with Creative Director Magnus Ahlberg, whom she got to know through a joint client. Magnus has worked in the industry for as long as Nathalie as an Art Director and Creative Director with international brands in the fashion and beauty industry. They decided to develop together what has today become Nathalie Berzelius Stockholm. To meet customers' needs, the focus will be on "kits" with collections of makeup that fit together and have endless possibilities for variation.

First out, Nathalie Berzelius Stockholm launched "The Rivera Box". Here you will find all the favorites that Nathalie has used for many years of her career, this is really the basis for a successful makeup that suits most women. The products are exclusively developed by herself in collaboration with one of the worlds most high-end makeup manufacturers. So it is many years of constant improvements and refinements that are now pre-packaged in one kit! The Riviera Box was inspired by the French Riviera in the 60's. The women, the colors, the dream of a place where the sun is constantly shining. This inspiration has influenced both the colors in the box, the packaging and the campaign. There are endless possibilities for different kinds of makeup with the help of "The Riviera Box", everything from the usual, daily fresh look to makeup for the gala evening or wedding. Instructions and tips on how to use the palette for different types of makeup are displayed under the Tutorials tab. Feel free to look and be inspired!


Welcome to Nathalie Berzelius Stockholm!

Makeup artist Nathalie Berzelius
Nathalie Berzelius och Magnus Ahlberg.jpg

Nathalie Berzelius with client

Magnus Ahlberg and Nathalie Berzelius

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