The Riviera Box

The Riviera Box


The Riviera Kit contains almost everything you need for a perfect makeup.


From everyday makeup to glamorous party makeup, the possibilities are endless. Just add your favourite mascara, foundation and concealer and you have everything that you need! Combine with Lip Gloss Peach No. 1 and Lip Pen Peach No. 1 for a perfect look.


"Here I have collected my favoutites! These are the products I use every day with my clients and also on myself. In this box you will find seven eyeshadows, two blushers, one bronzer, one transparent powder and one highlighter. With this collection you can create an endless amount of different looks, everything from a five-minute makeup when you don't have much time to more advanced evening looks. Look at the tutorials section in the menu for ideas and inspiration! These products are developped in collaboration with one of the world's most high-end makeup factories in Italy. Combine the box with my Lipgloss Peach No. 1 and Lip pen Peach No. 1 for a complete look" / Nathalie


The box contains:


Eyeshadow No. 1: A silky smooth, matte, cold dark brown eyeshadow that will give your eyes a beautiful intensity. Perfect for smoothing on top of your eyeliner for a smoky look. With an eyeliner brush you can also apply the shadow as a natural looking eyeliner.


Eyeshadow No. 2: A rusty colored, silky smooth eyeshadow with a pink shimmer. Perfect for enhancing the color of both light and dark eyes . Matches perfectly with all other eyeshadows in the box, for example Eyeshadow No. 4.


Eyeshadow No. 3: A feather light, beige/white eyeshadow, like a thin veil. Perfect for matte looks. Gives a clean natural look when applied beneath the eyebrow. Also works for cleaning up the makeup or "retouching" remnants of eyeshadows applied to the eye globe. Looks nice all over the eye lid, all the way up to the eyebrow.


Eyeshadow No. 4: A cool bronze colored silky smooth shadow that will suit everybody. Looks great all over the eye lid, by itself or in combination with Eyeshadow No. 2. Perfect to smudge with for a soft and natural glamorous look.


Eyeshadow No.5: A mega intense black silky smooth shadow with and amazing pigment. Can be used as a beautiful eye liner for a soft look or for creating "smoky eyes". Apply layers of small amonts at a time and smudge.


Eyeshadow No. 6:  A frosty/ shimmery white eyeshadow. Will open up the eye nicely when applied to the corner of the eye. Apply beneath the eyebrow for a glamorous "party look". For a frosty look, apply all over the eye lid.


Eyeshadow No. 7:  A matte and silky smooth medium brown shadow, perfect for "sketching" the shape of the eye makeup. Fill out with darker eyeshadows inside/ on top of this shadow. Looks nice all over the eye lid and beneath the lower eyelashes.


Powder No. 1: A very light transparent powder that will match many skin colors. Perfect for setting the makeup for a lasting effect. Can also be used only in the T- zone if you like a more ”glowy" skin.


Bronze No. 1: A warm, matte, terracotta colored bronze-rouge that is beautiful on the cheeks, on the edges of your forhead and under the chin and jaw line. Nathalie always applies thin layers and will brush off excess on the hand before applying. Use a small brush and sweep over the eyes eye globes for a fresh look. Can also be used as an eyeshadow for a warm impression.


Highlighter No. 1: A gold/ champagne colored and silky smooth highlighter. Looks amazing when applied with a brush over temples and cheekbones, below the eyebrows, in the corner of the eyes, on the bridge of the nose and above the upper lip. Also beautiful as an eyeshadow. This is a long awaited favorite with Nathalie's clients, and she likes to use it in combination with Eyeshadow No.4.


Blusher No. 1: A matte peachy/ light pink rouge that looks beautiful on the cheeks. Apply it to the middle of the cheek on top of bronze No.1. It also works as a soft eyeshadow, the pigment is not so intense and will give a natural look.


Blusher No. 2: An intense cerise pink matt rouge with small "sparks", to be used sparingly. Apply a small amount on your index finger, remove excess on the hand before carefully applying a small amount on top of your cheeks. Nathalie applies a tiny amount (like a smaller coin) on top of the cheek bone on top of Blusher No. 1 and Bronze No.1. This creates a fresh sparkle of color and will enhance the color of your eyes. Also beautiful as a fresh, popping eyeshadow.